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Push Subscribers

Push Subscribers are users of your apps who have allowed notifications in their browser. You can subscribe to multiple plans to accommodate the total number of subscribers across all your apps.

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Up to 50,000
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Up to 1,000,000
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With the Startup plan, you can add Progressier to one app ($15/month). If you create a second app, you'll be charged for 2 Startup plans ($30/month). And with three apps, you'll be charged for 3 Startup plans ($45/month). Beyond that, you'll be upgraded to the Agency plan and only charged a flat $59/month — and this, whether you have 4 or 500 apps.

Startup1 app$15/month
Startup2 apps$30/month
Startup3 apps$45/month
Agency4+ apps$59/month

Programmatic PWA Creation

Need to let your users create their own PWAs? Or automatically generate individual PWAs for different subdirectories of your domain? Get access to our advanced recipes.


Page Views

Traffic is on us! You don't pay more when your apps get more traffic.


App Installs

No install limits. Anyone can install your apps on their home screen or desktop.


Data Bandwidth

We host all your PWA assets for no additional costs. That one is on us too!


Push Notifications

Send as many notifications as you like — to all your users or a segment of users with our dashboard. Or to an individual user with our Push API.

"We had developed some PWAs in-house. Then... we tested Progressier. The very next day, we moved all our PWAs to Progressier. Fast, simple, well documented, Progressier covers all needs in PWA development. Intrepid and responsive support, always available to accommodate new requests."
Photo of Achille D'Aniello Achille D'Aniello CEO @ Komunica
"I went looking for a simple way to create a progressive web app for our users. After spending a few hours trying to figure this out on my own, I stumbled upon Progressier on Twitter. I had a PWA ready to go for my app in minutes, giving me exactly what I needed. Super simple for users to implement!"
"Progressier is very easy to use. The integration with my product was quick and simple."
Photo of Antonio Carlos Amaral Antonio Carlos Amaral CEO & Founder @ Mabuya Tech
"I'm a first-time, non-technical, no code SaaS developer, and Progressier has been a critical no code tool for me to extend my web app as a PWA."
Photo of Benjamin Hillman Benjamin Hillman Bubble Developer
"Progressier is perfect for startups that don't want to waste time on tracking, web push and service workers."
Photo of Kilian S. Kilian S. CTO in Austria
"If you want to turn your web application into a PWA but have no idea or desire to learn how to code for it, Progressier makes it as easy as possible."
Photo of Joel S. Joel S. Software Engineer in Belgium


Is there a free plan?

Nope, sorry! We don't have a free plan. To use Progressier, you'll have to go with one of our paid plans. You can try out all features with our free 14-day trial first. No free users = better service for paying customers!

Can I cancel my subscription before the end of the trial?

Absolutely. We even make it very easy to do so, so you won't have to look around the dashboard for a tiny cancel button. If you cancel your subscription before the end of the trial, you will not be charged, so Progressier is completely risk-free.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

Your apps and dashboard will be frozen. You will no longer be able to modify any of your Progressier settings, and you will no longer be able to send push notifications. In addition, we'll require you to remove the Progressier script from your site.

Are there annual plans?

Sure. Just reach out and we'll help you upgrade. You get 2 months free when you upgrade to an annual plan.

What devices are compatible with PWA installation?

Users are able to install your PWAs on Windows/Chrome, Windows/Edge, MacOS/Chrome, MacOS/Edge, iOS/Safari, Android/Chrome, Android/Samsung Internet.

What devices are compatible with push notifications?

Users can subscribe to push notifications on Windows/Chrome, Windows/Edge, Windows/Firefox, MacOS/Firefox, MacOS/Chrome, MacOS/Edge, Android/Chrome, Android/Samsung Internet. Sadly, iOS/Safari is not yet supported.

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