Building a comprehensive PWA using React

Receive a unified installation page for your React PWA. Oversee your service worker and app manifest via a dashboard. Dispatch push notifications.

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Getting started with React & Progressier

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    1Sign up to Progressier

    Create a Progressier account, and when asked for how your app was built, select React, then continue to see the tasks required to add Progressier to your existing React app. It usually takes 5 minutes or less.

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    2Add the script tag to your HTML

    Add our manifest/script tag to your HTML template (anywhere in the head). Just place the code snippet provided in the Progressier dashboard right below your Google Analytics script, Google Font links, or other third-party meta tags and stylesheets.

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    3Import our service worker file

    Progressier also provides you with a JavaScript file to use as service worker. If you're using webpack, you likely already have a service worker. You can use importScripts to add our service worker file into your existing SW file.

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    4Install your PWA

    Progressier create an installation page for your React PWA (e.g. This link gives users an easy way to install your app across devices and browsers. Alternatively, your PWA can be made installable directly within the body of your app with our in-app promotion elements.

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    5Send a push notification

    Progressier comes with a complete solution for push notifications. Customize how/when to prompt users to allow notifications, and then notify users right from our dashboard (or with our API). Optionally, you can even connect your own user data to send granular push notifications.

Which PWA features does React support?

Android Installation

Let users install your app on their Android device. It works exactly like a native app.

iOS Installation

Your PWA is installable on iOS and iPad OS. It will open in its own standalone window. Progressier shows users custom instructions.

Windows Installation

Make your app a standalone desktop app that open in its own window. Your PWA can be installed from Chrome and Edge.

macOS Installation

Progressier helps users add your React PWA to their Docks for quick access.

Chrome OS Installation

Enjoy native PWA support for your app on Chrome OS.

Installation Page

An app-store like installation experience for your PWA — without the hassle of managing Google Play/App Store listings.

Original Domain Installation

Your React PWA can be installed from your existing domain.

Web App Manifest

Progressier generates a web app manifest for you based on your preferences automatically.

Service Worker

A service worker is a JavaScript file that runs in the browser continuously even when the page is not open. It's what allows push notifications to be delivered and resources to be cached intelligently. Progressier allows you to create, manage, customize your service worker without having to write code.

Cache Static Resources

Progressier lets you build caching strategies without writing code so you can easily cache resources and make them accessible offline.

100% Offline-Ready

If you have full control over all the resources required for your website to work, you can make your site work 100% offline in Progressier without writing a single line of code.

Push Campaigns

Send push notifications to up to 1,000,000 users in one go within the Progressier dashboard or via the API.

Personalized Notifications

Send notifications to any particular user manually or programmatically. All your need is their email, their user ID or any other information that identifies them in your system.

Connect User Data

Link user data like emails, names, status to push subscriptions, so you can easily notify someone from your product directly or from our dashboard.

In-App PWA Promotion

Promote installation of your PWA with a floating action button in the body of your app.

Offline Alerts

Show a custom alert when a user loses network connectivity.

Request Notifications After Installation

Progressier asks users to allow notifications right after they've installed your app, which generally results in a higher subscription rate

Install & Push Analytics

See in real-time and track over time how users install your PWA and allow push notifications.

Programmatic PWA Creation

Create new Progressive Web Apps dynamically with our API on different domains or subdirectories.

Google Play & App Store Upload

Easily upload your app to Google Play or the App Store with our PWABuilder integration.

Why choose React and Progressier for your PWA?

Currently, React, a brainchild of Facebook, reigns as the foremost client-side JavaScript framework. With its component reusability and virtual DOM, React is optimal for crafting scalable, intricate apps. Many consider it the prime framework for PWAs.

Integrating Progressier with your React app bestows you with a flexible app manifest editable via a dashboard instead of directly in code, a more advanced service worker than Workbox, an all-inclusive push notification system, top-tier PWA promotional tools, continuously updated iOS splash screens, and PWA analytics.

Why not stick to the default React PWA service worker?

While the Create React App site offers guidance on building progressive web apps inclusive of auto-precaching URL instructions, its default service worker has shortcomings:

Any potential pitfalls with React PWAs?

Ensure you turn off React's caching/offline-first feature to prevent overlap with Progressier's capabilities. Also, double-check to avoid unintentionally deregistering the service worker using serviceWorkerRegistration.unregister();.

For those utilizing tools like Webpack, Gulp, or Babel in their deployment pipeline and attempting to import the Progressier service worker into their existing one via importScripts, an importScripts is not defined error might crop up. A solution can be found here.

Do React, Angular, and Vue have distinct differences concerning PWAs?

In essence, no. If you can manage the root of your domain, you can craft a PWA, irrespective of the underlying framework of your app.

Is it possible to list a React PWA on Google Play and the App Store?

Absolutely! Leveraging Progressier alongside PWABuilder enables you to develop a comprehensive PWA and position it on both Google Play and the App Store.

What prerequisites exist for forging a React-based PWA?

Your React application should be SSL-secured, incorporate a web app manifest, and include a service worker with an attached listener for the fetch event.

Can push notifications be dispatched from a React PWA?

Certainly! By integrating Progressier, your React PWA is instantly equipped with a holistic system for crafting, timing, and transmitting push notifications.

Will a React-driven PWA operate offline?

Indeed! Utilizing either Progressier or Workbox, you can set caching methods to ensure your React application operates seamlessly offline.

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