Which ad network to monetize your PWA?

A PWA lives on the open web and, as such, can be installed directly from a browser. Unlike native apps, PWAs typically cannot utilize mobile-specific advertising networks unless they are uploaded to platforms like Google Play or the App Store. However, they do have access to the full range of advertising networks traditionally available to websites. Below is a list of popular advertising networks, arranged in alphabetical order, along with information about their compatibility with PWAs:

Ad Network PWA Compatible?
Amazon Associates
Carbon Ads
Digital Turbine
Google AdSense
Google AdMob
Meta Audience Network
Unity Ads

Revenue Potential

The revenue potential of an ad network is a crucial factor when choosing the right one for your PWA. It determines the earnings you can generate from displaying ads. High revenue potential networks generally offer better monetization opportunities, while those with moderate to high potential provide a balance between earnings and user experience.

Ad Network Revenue Potential
AdCash High
AdPushup Moderate to High
Adsterra High
Adversal Moderate to High
Amazon Associates Moderate to High
Bidvertiser Moderate to High
BuySellAds Moderate to High
Carbon Ads Moderate
Ezoic Moderate to High
Google AdSense High
Infolinks Moderate to High
Media.net High
Mediavine High
Outbrain Moderate
PropellerAds Moderate
Publift Moderate to High
PurpleAds Moderate
Raptive Moderate to High
RevContent Moderate to High
Sovrn Moderate to High
Taboola Moderate

Ad Formats

An ad network's range of ad formats can make a big difference in how well your PWA makes money. Generally, the more an ad stands out, the more clicks it'll get. Networks with a variety of ad formats have a better shot at beating banner blindness, which is when people just start ignoring ads. Plus, certain ad styles might work better for your PWA, depending on what it's about and who's using it. Let's dive into the different formats offered by these ad networks:

Ad Network Ad Formats
AdCash Banner, Popunder, Interstitial, Native, In-Page Push, Autotag
AdPushup Display, Video, Native, Sticky, In-Feed, AMP
Adsterra Display, Popunder, Native, Video, Direct Link
Adversal Display, Popunder
Amazon Associates Native Shopping Ads, Banners
Bidvertiser Banners, Native, Popunders, Direct
BuySellAds Banners, Native, Sponsored Content
Carbon Ads Banners
Ezoic Display, Video, Native
Google AdSense Display, Video, Native, In-feed, In-article
Infolinks InFold, InText, InTag, InFrame, InScreen
Media.net Display, Native, Video, Sponsored Search
Mediavine Display, Video, Native, Sponsored Content
Outbrain Native, Video, Display
PropellerAds Popunder, Push Notification, Native, Interstitial, Video
Publift Display, Video, Native, In-content
PurpleAds Display, In-content, Floating Ads
Raptive Display, Video, Native
RevContent Native, Display
Sovrn Display, Video, Native, In-image, In-text
Taboola Native

Targeting Options

Targeting options are super important for advertisers who want to hit the mark with specific audiences. As a rule of thumb, ad networks that provide more sophisticated targeting options usually pay publishers better. They also give advertisers the flexibility to shape their campaigns to reach just the right people using your PWA.

Ad Network Targeting Options
AdCash Geo-targeting, Device targeting, Behavioral targeting
AdPushup Geographic, Device, Contextual, Behavioral, Demographic
Adsterra Geo-targeting, Device targeting, Behavioral targeting
Adversal Geo-targeting, Device targeting, Contextual targeting
Amazon Associates Contextual targeting, Product targeting
Bidvertiser Geo-targeting, Device targeting, Behavioral targeting
BuySellAds Geo-targeting, Device targeting, Contextual targeting
Carbon Ads Contextual targeting, Audience targeting
Ezoic Geo-targeting, Device targeting, Behavioral targeting
Google AdSense Contextual targeting, Interest-based targeting
Infolinks Contextual targeting, Behavioral targeting
Media.net Contextual targeting, Audience targeting
Mediavine Contextual targeting, Behavioral targeting
Outbrain Contextual targeting, Interest targeting
PropellerAds Geo-targeting, Device targeting, Behavioral targeting
Publift Geo-targeting, Device targeting, Contextual targeting
PurpleAds Geo-targeting
Raptive Geo-targeting, Device targeting, Behavioral targeting
RevContent Geo-targeting, Device targeting, Behavioral targeting
Sovrn Geo-targeting, Device targeting, Contextual targeting
Taboola Contextual targeting, Interest targeting

Requirements & Integration

Most ad networks can be integrated by simply adding a JavaScript snippet to your PWA's HTML code. Some ad networks can be used right away on a self-serve basis. Others require prior approval to ensure your PWA meets their criteria. Certain networks are only focused on long-form content. Others have minimum traffic requirements. The ad networks listed below are geared towards mainstream PWAs, and it's worth noting that most of them aren't into gambling, adult content, or crypto-related PWAs.

Ad Network Integration Ease Minimum Traffic
AdCash Easy No minimum
AdPushup Moderate 10,000+ page views per month
Adsterra Easy No minimum
Adversal Moderate 50,000+ page views per month
Amazon Associates Easy No minimum
Bidvertiser Easy No minimum
BuySellAds Easy No minimum
Carbon Ads Easy 10,000+ page views per month
Ezoic Moderate 10,000+ page views per month
Google AdSense Moderate No minimum
Infolinks Easy No minimum
Media.net Moderate 10,000+ page views per month
Mediavine Moderate 50,000+ sessions per month
Outbrain Moderate 10,000,000+ monthly visitors
PropellerAds Easy No minimum
Publift Moderate 500,000+ monthly page views
PurpleAds Easy No minimum
Raptive Moderate 10,000+ page views per month
RevContent Moderate 50,000+ page views per month
Sovrn Moderate No minimum
Taboola Easy 500,000+ page views per month

Our Verdict

Google AdSense would probably be our default choice to monetize a PWA. If your app is used by developers, Carbon Ads and Ezoic are solid choices to get in front of the right advertisers. For news PWAs, Media.net and Mediavine are good options provided you have a large enough audience.

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