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No-Code Web App Manifest

Automatically generate an app manifest for your PWA without writing any code.

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    No-Headache Manifest

    Progressier hosts your web app manifest and allows you to set all its properties with toggles and inputs instead of lines of code. Easier to manage and update.

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    iOS Splash Screens

    Progressier automatically creates splash screens for iPhone and iPad users for every single screen size available.

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    App Screenshots

    Progressier is fully compatible with the Richer PWA Installation UI. Upload screenshots to create a more app-like installation experience.

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    App Shortcuts

    Progressier allows you to define shortcuts to common tasks that are important for your PWA. We even provide you a set of icons you can use.

  • Advanced Recipes

    Choose different icons on desktop and mobile. Update the manifest at runtime. Set different Start URLs for different users. There's no easier way to generate an app manifest dynamically.

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