PWA Analytics

PWA Analytics

Track push subscriptions and app installs in real-time, see a breakdown by OS, and visualize how your numbers evolve over time.

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    Daily Push Analytics

    When a user allows notifications from your domain in their browser, Progressier saves details of the subscription against their user profile. Track daily new push subscriptions in real-time.

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    PWA Installation Analytics

    Progressier registers an installation when a user installs your PWA on their device. Progressier is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

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    User Insights

    Analyse where users of your app come from, what devices and browsers they use, and when they installed your app or allowed push notifications. New data = new insights.

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    App Launch Tracking

    Progressier tracks when a user launches your app from their homescreen or desktop. You can see detailed usage of your app on a daily basis and a breakdown by platform

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    Push Notification Metrics

    Organize push notifications in campaigns and track sendings and clicks for each campaign individually.

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