reasons why you should outsource your PWA to me

  1. When you choose a Progressier subscription, you're entrusting me with your PWA implementation. I'll expertly manage it, make it work seamlessly across browsers and platforms, and I'll be there to support you whenever you need it.
  2. The greatest strength of PWAs is also where the shoe pinches: your HTML/CSS/JS needs to account for all the slight differences in browsers' implementations of these technologies. I have tools to test PWAs on a wide array of platforms.
  3. Building a PWA is one thing, but crafting a reliable PWA is a different beast. Anyone can add a manifest and service worker to their domain. Accounting for all possible edge cases, incompatible browsers, in-app browsers? Not so easy.
  4. No need for extensive consultations – simply sign up, follow the instructions, and you're good to go.
  5. Ever heard of an opaque response, a preflight request, or an app scope? I'm well-versed in this nonsense.
  6. I'm a fan of all platforms – iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Chrome OS – I embrace them all.
  7. CORS? I understand it inside and out.
  8. With Progressier, you sidestep commissions on in-app purchases imposed by Apple and Google. Instead, you just pay me a small amount of money every month.
  9. App development agencies charging you to build you a PWA implementation are plain and simple scamming you. Outsource your PWA implementation to me instead for just a few bucks per month.
  10. PWAs are the quickest way to create a MVP for a startup — especially when combined with a no-code platform like Bubble or Softr. And it costs almost nothing to get started.
  11. With PWAs, you manage a single code base.
  12. I can't ban you! If Apple or Google were to ban your app from their stores, it's game over. With Progressier, your PWA operates independently, secure on your own domain.
  13. Chances are I can help you with problems that go beyond the scope of just PWAs. FWIW, check my track record.
  14. It comes with unlimited push notifications. Considering building your own push solution? Good luck.
  15. I work full time on Progressier and I intend to continue doing so for as long as possible.
  16. By outsourcing your PWA to me specifically, you'll save on hundreds of hours of custom development.
  17. Nobody installs PWAs unless guided. I have quite a few insights into what makes non-techies actually install PWAs.
  18. I don't have a boss or investors to report to. I'm only accountable to my customers.
  19. The open web is not controlled by Apple and Google (unlike the app stores).
  20. You know who to blame. I've written every single line of code myself. If something isn't right, I'll take full responsibility for it.
  21. PWAs aren't a perfect solution, and I'm more than willing to acknowledge that fact.
  22. Would you rather trust a humble (though perhaps not sounding so humble right now) solopreneur like me or faceless corporations like Google and Apple?
  23. You don't need to keep up with the constant advancements of the web. Example: when Apple introduced iOS 16.4 with push notifications, all Progressier-powered apps seamlessly adapted within 24 hours.
  24. If you find a bug, I will drop everything else I'm doing and fix it immediately (provided this bug is within my control obviously).
  25. Some developers think people don't use PWAs. That's simply false. But getting users to install your PWA requires a very compelling installation flow, which is hard to build and manage for any given developer. That's why you'll want to use SaaS instead.
  26. Outsourcing your PWA to me by signing up to Progressier is one way to make it work great. The other is to hire a team of full time developers. You choose.
  27. Your need is a single link for universal app installation. Progressier has that.
  28. Progressier isn't just a manifest/service worker generator. It's a solution with plenty of additional stuff, like analytics and push notifications.
  29. Cross-browser testing is one the most mind-numbing things in the web development world. For some reason, I kinda like it.
  30. As browsers evolve, PWAs become increasingly attractive as an alternative to native apps.
  31. Progressier is GDPR compliant.
  32. I built demos of browser APIs for fun. Yeah I know — I have a weird sense of "fun".
  33. I'll answer your Intercom messages on Sundays (although please not every Sunday, okay? 🙏).
  34. PWA are secure by design for users (unlike native apps).
  35. I strive to collect as little data as possible from you (and even less from your users).
  36. PWAs aren't a perfect one-size-fits-all solution. I'll tell you straight away if I think your app shouldn't be a PWA.
  37. I don't discriminate. I honestly don't care what your app does. Apple and Google, on the other hand, have a responsibility since they host your app on their servers. I don't host your app — you simply enhance it with Progressier. So, I'm not accountable for your app's content.
  38. At scale, Progressier is several orders of magnitude cheaper than OneSignal for push notifications.
  39. I won't get you new users, and I'm upfront about it. That's your job. My job (if you outsource your PWA to me) is to ensure installation and push notifications work as well as they can.
  40. You can try all features of the platform free of charge and without having to enter a credit card.
  41. I possess deep knowledge of web development and a solid understanding of no-code platforms.
  42. I only write vanilla JavaScript. No framework. No libraries.
  43. I care about performance, but I'm no environment extremist. Web apps should be fast and efficient. And it seriously bothers me when someone wastes resources unnecessarily.
  44. By outsourcing your PWA to somebody (but preferably to me 🙃), you can focus on what matters. There is no world where the nitty-gritty of your PWA implementation will matter for your business. Why waste your time on this?
  45. I hate the term "Progressive Web App". I like the term "Universal App".
  46. Congrats on reading all my nonsense! Might as well sign up now, don't you think?
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