Create a PWA with Softr

With Softr, your app is a PWA right out of the box. No complicated integrations. No code to write. You don't even have to sign up to Progressier. Just head to your Softr dashboard and enable the PWA option.

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Getting started with Softr & Progressier

  1. Illustration screenshot for Access the Softr dashboard

    1Access the Softr dashboard

    If you don't have a Softr app yet, sign up now. If you already have a Softr account, click here to login.

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    2Go to Settings

    Once you're logged in to the dashboard, go to Settings > Mobile App.

  3. Illustration screenshot for Enable the PWA

    3Enable the PWA

    Click on the toggle next to Enable mobile app (PWA), enter a name for your app, upload a 512x512 logo, choose a background color and choose whether to display the Floating action button. That's it! Your Softr app is now a PWA powered by Progressier.

Which PWA features does Softr support?

Android Installation

Let users install your app on their Android device. It works exactly like a native app.

iOS Installation

Your PWA is installable on iOS and iPad OS. It will open in its own standalone window. Progressier shows users custom instructions.

Windows Installation

Make your app a standalone desktop app that open in its own window. Your PWA can be installed from Chrome and Edge.

macOS Installation

Progressier helps users add your Softr PWA to their Docks for quick access.

Chrome OS Installation

Enjoy native PWA support for your app on Chrome OS.

Installation Page

A familiar app store installation experience bundled in a single-purpose page for your users.

Original Domain Installation

Your Softr PWA can be installed from your existing domain.

Web App Manifest

A web app manifest is a basic browser requirement for PWAs. Progressier outputs it automatically based on your preferences.

Service Worker

A service worker is a JavaScript file that runs in the browser continuously even when the page is not open. It's what allows push notifications to be delivered and resources to be cached intelligently. Progressier allows you to create, manage, customize your service worker without having to write code.

Cache Static Resources

Progressier lets you build caching strategies without writing code so you can easily cache resources and make them accessible offline.

100% Offline-Ready

Without full server-side control over the resources, it's not usually possible to make a site work offline entirely with a no-code app builder like Softr.

Push Campaigns

Send push notifications to up to 1,000,000 users in one go within the Progressier dashboard or via the API.

Personalized Notifications

This functionality lets you notify a particular user programmatically. Unfortunately, this feature is not currently supported by Softr.

Connect User Data

With Softr, it's not currently possible to sync your user data (e.g. emails, names or account types). Bubble is the best no-code option for that.

In-App PWA Promotion

Promote installation of your PWA with a floating action button in the body of your app.

Offline Alerts

In-app alerts displayed when users lose network connectivity. Not available with Softr.

Request Notifications After Installation

Progressier asks users to allow notifications right after they've installed your app, which generally results in a higher subscription rate

Install & Push Analytics

See in real-time and track over time how users install your PWA and allow push notifications.

Programmatic PWA Creation

Create new Progressive Web Apps dynamically with our API on different domains or subdirectories.

Google Play & App Store Upload

Easily upload your app to Google Play or the App Store with our PWABuilder integration.

Why choose Softr and Progressier for your PWA?

With Softr's built-in Progressier integration, crafting a PWA becomes a breeze. Just select an app icon via the Softr dashboard, and you're set! No need to even register with Progressier.

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