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PWA Install Page

Progressier automatically creates a single-purpose page for your PWA that emulates the experience of installing an app from Google Play or the App Store

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    Universal Installation Link

    There is a common misconception that apps must be downloaded from app stores. With our custom install page, you can tell users how to install your PWA on their device just as easily. Check out our demo link at install.page/covid. Sign up today to secure your own link.

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    Available Across Platforms

    Your PWA can be installed on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Chrome OS from that one unique link.

  • Illustration screenshot for Screenshots & Videos

    Screenshots & Videos

    Upload your own screenshots to give your page a real app store vibe. Also add YouTube videos, a description, a social media image and more.

  • Illustration screenshot for App Store Redirects

    App Store Redirects

    Progressier also plays well with your existing native apps. Automatically redirect Android users to Google Play, iOS users to the App Store, Windows users to the Windows Store or Chrome users to the Chrome Store.

  • Illustration screenshot for Custom Hosting

    Custom Hosting

    You can download the install page file, modify it as needed, and upload it to your own domain.

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