Looking for a PWA solution for your Shopify Store?

Get more returning customers by making your Shopify store installable on any iPhone, iPad or Android device. Increase engagement, recover abandoned carts, and announce new product launches with web push notifications.

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Getting started with Shopify & Progressier

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    1Install Progressier

    Simply add the Progressier app to your Shopify store. Your store will instantly transform into a PWA.

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    2Configure your PWA

    Upload your app icon, connect your user data, configure widgets, design app screenshots. Progressier comes with everything you need to effortlessly configure your app.

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    3Send push notifications

    Notify users en mass to announce promotions or connect Zapier to send push notifications to users programmatically.

Which PWA features does Shopify support?

Android Installation

Let users install your app on their Android device. It works exactly like a native app.

iOS Installation

Your PWA is installable on iOS and iPad OS. It will open in its own standalone window. Progressier shows users custom instructions.

Windows Installation

Make your app a standalone desktop app that open in its own window. Your PWA can be installed from Chrome and Edge.

macOS Installation

Get your app installed on macOS from Chrome — Progressier walks users through installing your PWA to their Docks.

Chrome OS Installation

Enjoy native PWA support for your app on Chrome OS.

Installation Page

A beautiful single-purpose page to send to your users as a direct link to install your Shopify PWA on their device.

Original Domain Installation

Your app is directly installable right from your own domain.

Web App Manifest

Progressier creates an app manifest with the name, logo, theme color and display preferences of your PWA.

Service Worker

A service worker is a JavaScript file that runs in the browser continuously even when the page is not open. It's what allows push notifications to be delivered and resources to be cached intelligently. Progressier allows you to create, manage, customize your service worker without having to write code.

Cache Static Resources

This platform doesn't provide an option to modify the service worker file, so it's not possible to cache static resources.

100% Offline-Ready

Without full server-side control over the resources, it's not usually possible to make a site work offline entirely with a no-code app builder like Shopify.

Push Campaigns

Notify all your users of news in your app with our dashboard and/or API. Progressier manages all user push subscriptions for you.

Personalized Notifications

Send notifications to any particular user manually or programmatically. All your need is their email, their user ID or any other information that identifies them in your system.

Connect User Data

Connect your own user data (emails, account type, etc). So when a user authorizes push notifications in your Shopify PWA, their data is also saved along with it.

In-App PWA Promotion

Promote installation of your PWA with a floating action button in the body of your app.

Offline Alerts

Show a custom alert when a user loses network connectivity.

Request Notifications After Installation

Progressier asks users to allow notifications right after they've installed your app, which generally results in a higher subscription rate

Install & Push Analytics

Progressier tracks installs of your Shopify PWA over time. Also tracks push subscriptions.

Programmatic PWA Creation

Create Shopify PWAs programmatically with our API.

Google Play & App Store Upload

With our PWABuilder integration, you can list your Shopify PWA on Google Play or the App Store.

What they're saying

Why choose Shopify and Progressier for your PWA?

Shopify stands out as a top-notch platform for setting up an e-commerce store. And given that NYSE:SHOP, Shopify's stock symbol, represents a publicly traded and profitable entity, there's peace of mind in knowing the platform isn't going anywhere soon. Hence, choosing Shopify as your e-commerce backbone is a safe bet for the future.

Opting to transform your Shopify store into a PWA is a straightforward and swift process compared to developing a native app. Additionally, you gain the advantage of making your store directly installable online, bypassing the traditional App Store and Google Play routes.

While I might sound partial, I genuinely believe that Progressier is unparalleled when it comes to converting your Shopify store into a PWA. It's meticulously crafted to offer an unparalleled installation experience across various devices and browsers. To top it off, the inclusion of integrated push notifications aids in driving customer engagement and repeat visits to your store. You can freely explore all these offerings with a commitment-free, 14-day trial that doesn't demand any credit card information.

What are the best PWA plugins/add-ons for Shopify?

Progressier PWA by Softpulse Ampify Appify Qe PWA
Starting monthly price $15 $5.99 $29.99 $9.99 $5
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Why should you PWA-enable your Shopify Store?

  • Universal Access: Users enjoy the simplicity of installing your Shopify store across a plethora of platforms, including but not limited to iOS, Android, Chrome OS, macOS, and Windows.
  • Customer Retention Boost: Observing your app's icon every time they access their devices enhances the likelihood of users revisiting your store.
  • Space-Saving Solution: In stark contrast to traditional apps, a PWA version of your Shopify store is incredibly lightweight, sparing users from storage concerns.
  • Engagement Amplifier: Leverage push notifications to keep users abreast of exciting offers, new product introductions, and other store updates.
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