In-App Promotion

Patterns for Promoting PWA In-App

Encourage the installation of your PWA seamlessly within your app's content and beyond — all without coding.

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  • Illustration screenshot for Custom App Banner

    Custom App Banner

    Showcase a tailored installation banner within your app. Customize the text, appearance, and determine when and where it's displayed. The banner vanishes once the PWA is on the user's device.

  • Illustration screenshot for Dedicated Installation Page

    Dedicated Installation Page

    Offer users a dedicated installation page (like install.page/covid) to guide them in adding your PWA to their device. This page mirrors the feel of app installations from major app stores.

  • Illustration screenshot for Guided iOS Installation

    Guided iOS Installation

    For Safari users on iOS, installing a PWA involves manual actions. Progressier assists users step-by-step through this process.

  • Illustration screenshot for Installation QR Code

    Installation QR Code

    Ideal for mobile-centric PWAs. Guide desktop users to use their mobile devices for installation. Progressier creates and showcases a QR code for your app when users initiate the installation on a desktop.

  • Illustration screenshot for Customizable Install Button

    Customizable Install Button

    If you seek more flexibility, our standalone Install Button is at your disposal. Integrate it into your app using a single code line and tweak its design with your CSS.

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