In-App Promotion

In-App PWA Promotion Patterns

Promote installation of your PWA within the body of your app and beyond — without writing a single line of code

In-App Promotion Logo
  • Illustration screenshot for App Banner

    App Banner

    Display a custom installation banner in your app. Use your own text and personalize the banner. Define in a click where and when to show it. The App Banner hides automatically once your PWA is installed.

  • Illustration screenshot for Install Page

    Install Page

    Get your own universal Install Page (e.g.install.page/covid) and walk users through the process of installing your PWA on their device. The Install Page emulates the experience of installing an app from Google Play or the App Store.

  • Illustration screenshot for Custom iOS Instructions

    Custom iOS Instructions

    Installing a PWA from Safari on iOS requires manually adding it to a Homescreen. Progressier walks users through the process.

  • Illustration screenshot for QR Code

    QR Code

    Perfect install promotion for mobile-first PWAs. Redirect desktop users to their smartphones to complete installation. Progressier generates a QR code for your app automatically and displays it to users that start the installation process on their desktop computer.

  • Illustration screenshot for Floating Action Button

    Floating Action Button

    Show a circular button at the bottom of your app to promote installation of your PWA. Enable it on mobile or desktop or both. Show it on specific pages only or throughout your app.

  • Illustration screenshot for PWA Install Button

    PWA Install Button

    And if the previous options aren't sufficient for your needs, our Install Button also comes as a standalone component. Add it to your app with one line of code, style it with your own CSS.

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