Looking to upgrade your FlutterFlow PWA?

Incorporate Progressier into your FlutterFlow PWA for seamless integration of shortcuts, screenshots, and installation widgets. Drive more users to effortlessly install your app onto their devices.

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Why choose FlutterFlow and Progressier for your PWA?

With FlutterFlow, you face a choice: either navigate the hassles of hosting your app on the Google Play/App Store or distribute your app as a PWA via a browser, risking low installation rates.

By integrating Progressier into your FlutterFlow PWA, you equip yourself with the essential tools to engage users at the optimal moment. The entire installation process becomes seamless and automatic, increasing user adoption.

Feature FlutterFlow FlutterFlow + Progressier

Installation Page

With Progressier, you get a neat installation page so users can install your app without navigating traditional app stores. View example

App Screenshots

Design, manage, and localize screenshots from one single interface. Plus, screenshots are auto-added to your manifest. Sweet, right? Try free

Universal Installability

Progressier augments your existing FlutterFlow PWA with a comprehensive installation process that accounts for all platforms, browsers, and scenarios. Yup, including iOS.

App Reviews

With Progressier, round up and show off those app reviews in one spot, topped off with a classy Wall of Love. See example

Promotion Widgets

Eliminate the hunt for the Add to Home Screen button. Progressier smartly nudges users to install your FlutterFlow PWA right when and where it counts.

App Shortcuts

Pop in some cool shortcuts. So when users give a long-press on the app icon, whether it's on their Android Homescreen, macOS Dock, or Windows Taskbar, they're right there!

Display Modes

With Progressier, you've got 7 display mode choices for both your phone and computer. Learn more

PWA Analytics

Peek into how folks play around with your app and see how often they're launching it from their home screen. Cool way to stay in the know, huh?

Manifest Localization

Go global with your FlutterFlow app. Switch up the name, start_url, description, and other manifest stuff in various languages. Make it friendly for everyone, everywhere!

Web Share Target

Want your PWA to catch all sorts of content, links, and files? With Progressier, it's a breeze to set that up.

Protocol Handlers

Enable your app to process specific protocols like mailto: and tel: seamlessly.

iOS Pull-to-Refresh

Integrate the popular iOS pull-to-refresh gesture into your PWA, elevating user experience on iPhones and iPads.

Offline Alert

Give users a quick heads up when they're offline, so they don't think your FlutterFlow PWA has gone wonky on them.

Refresh Prompt

Got new content? With a gentle nudge, let your users know it's time for a quick refresh.

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