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App Review & Testimonial Platform for PWA

Collect feedback, ratings, and testimonials from various platforms to craft an attractive, embeddable Wall of Love for your Progressive Web App.

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    Aggregate User Feedback

    Consolidate testimonials from prominent review platforms (Trustpilot, Capterra, G2), app marketplaces (Google Play, App Store, Microsoft Store, Chrome Web Store), and social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook) as well as sources like YouTube and Product Hunt.

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    Branded Testimonial Wall

    Craft an elegant Wall of Love with collected reviews, hosted on a memorable URL within the wall.love domain. Fully branded to reflect your identity, with no mention of Progressier. Explore Example

  • Endless Testimonial Showcase

    With Progressier, there's no cap on the number of testimonials and reviews you can display on your Wall of Love.

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    Seamless Testimonial Integration

    A top choice for both no-code enthusiasts and web developers, Progressier allows effortless embedding of your Wall of Love into platforms like Webflow, Bubble, Softr, and Wix using a straightforward iframe. It's as user-friendly as embedding a YouTube video.

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    Design-Forward Testimonials

    Tailor the aesthetics of your Wall of Love to align with your brand's visual guidelines, down to customizing star colors.

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    Integrated Dark Mode

    For enhanced user experience and battery efficiency, the Wall of Love features an in-built dark mode option.

  • Illustration screenshot for Highlight Key Feedback

    Highlight Key Feedback

    Spotlight specific sections of reviews to underline their significance and enhance user browsing speed.

  • Illustration screenshot for Comprehensive Review Management

    Comprehensive Review Management

    Progressier offers an all-inclusive dashboard for sorting, filtering, and organizing app testimonials.

  • Illustration screenshot for Localized Testimonial Views

    Localized Testimonial Views

    With support for over 20 languages, your Wall of Love categorizes reviews by language, ensuring a global reach.

  • Illustration screenshot for Enhanced Google Visibility

    Enhanced Google Visibility

    Boost your online visibility with Review snippets, showcasing your app's reviews and ratings on Google. For those who prefer discretion, hide the review count and average rating entirely.

  • Illustration screenshot for Bundled Functionalities

    Bundled Functionalities

    Progressier is more than a testimonial solution. It's a comprehensive PWA toolkit. Along with testimonial features, you gain access to push notifications, a caching strategy builder, a unique installation page, and more.

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