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Why choose WordPress and Progressier for your PWA?

Nearly half of the web runs on WordPress, so choosing WordPress to build anything is generally not a bad idea. That said, WordPress is much more suited to building websites than web apps. There's a fundamental difference between the two. While you can also still technically turn a website into a Progressive Web App, it's likely to be of very little value to your company and users. And using Progressier isn't free, so you might not find it worth the cost.

Should I turn my WordPress website into a PWA?

There are some categories of websites that make sense as PWAs: online stores, news websites, maybe blogs. Some others really aren't suited for that, like portfolio sites and landing pages. Basically, to decide if you should make your website a PWA, simply ask yourself if the user would benefit from having quick access to it on their home screens. If not, don't bother. Not everything on the Internet should be a PWA.

For example, besides Progressier, I own a few other domains: coronavirus.app is a PWA because it's an app that people use regularly. But I haven't bothered making my personal page a PWA. There's just no point adding the functionality there.

What's the best PWA plugin for WordPress?

No other PWA plugins for WordPress offer as much out-of-the-box functionality as Progressier. Most offer basic installation but very few offer universal installation. To the best of my knowledge, none of them provide you with a push service and a caching strategy builder. I'm obviously biased though. So you can see for yourself, here is a list of plugins to look into:

How long does it take to create a PWA with WordPress?

With Progressier, it's generally pretty quick, ~10 minutes or less. All you have to do is add a simple script to the header or footer of your site. Then download the service worker file we provide you in the Progressier dashboard, and upload it at the root of your domain. And... that's it! Your site is now installable on any Android device, iPhone, iPac, PC or Mac. We also provide you with a unique Install Page that makes it easy for your users to install your app. Here is an example: install.page/covid

Under the hood

Progressier automatically outputs a service worker, an app manifest, app icons and custom splash screens for any iPhone and iPad screen size. Once you've added Progressier to your WordPress site, you also get access to our caching strategy builder, which lets you easily define rules to make your site work offline and load faster.

Which PWA features does WordPress support?

Android Installation

Get your PWA installed on any Android smartphone or tablet, just like a native app.

iOS Installation

Progressier walks users through the process of installing your app on their iPad or iPhone.

Windows Installation

Your WordPress PWA is installable from Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge and can be added to a Desktop or Taskbar.

macOS Installation

Progressier helps users add your WordPress PWA to their Docks for quick access.

Chrome OS Installation

Let users add your PWA to their Chrome OS laptop.

Install Page

A unique page that helps users install your WordPress PWA on their devices with custom instructions for each compatible platform.

Original Domain Installation

Your WordPress PWA can be installed from your existing domain.

Web App Manifest

Progressier generates a web app manifest for you based on your preferences automatically.

Service Worker

A service worker is JS file that runs separately from the main browser thread. It can intercept network requests (allowing to put resources in the cache or retrieve them from there) and deliver push notifications to someone even when they're not actively using your app. With Progressier, you can define these rules without having to write any code at all.

Cache Static Resources

Progressier lets you build caching strategies without writing code so you can easily cache resources and make them accessible offline.

100% Offline-Ready

If you have full control over all the resources required for your website to work, you can make your site work 100% offline in Progressier without writing a single line of code.

Push Campaigns

Send push notifications to up to 1,000,000 users in one go within the Progressier dashboard or via the API.

Personalized Notifications

Send notifications to any particular user manually or programmatically. All your need is their email, their user ID or any other information that identifies them in your system.

Connect User Data

Link user data like emails, names, status to push subscriptions, so you can easily notify someone from your product directly or from our dashboard.

In-App PWA Promotion

Everything you need to encourage users to install your app on their devices.

Offline Alerts

Display an in-app alert when users go offline.

Push Prompt on Standalone

Automatically prompt users to authorize notifications after they've installed your PWA on their device.

Install & Push Analytics

See in real-time and track over time how users install your PWA and allow push notifications.

Programmatic PWA Creation

Create new Progressive Web Apps dynamically with our API on different domains or subdirectories.

Google Play & App Store Upload

Easily upload your app to Google Play or the App Store with our PWABuilder integration.

"We had developed some PWAs in-house. Then... we tested Progressier. The very next day, we moved all our PWAs to Progressier. Fast, simple, well documented, Progressier covers all needs in PWA development. Intrepid and responsive support, always available to accommodate new requests."
Photo of Achille D'Aniello Achille D'Aniello CEO @ Komunica
"Stop googling. Use Progressier to build your PWA. The platform is very reliable and the technical support second to none."
Photo of Lozano Bosch Lozano Bosch CTO @ Let's Ebau
"I always recommend Progressier to everyone who take their web apps seriously. Brings me many thousands of loyal visitors. I am glad I have Progressier!"
"I went looking for a simple way to create a progressive web app for our users. After spending a few hours trying to figure this out on my own, I stumbled upon Progressier on Twitter. I had a PWA ready to go for my app in minutes, giving me exactly what I needed. Super simple for users to implement!"
"Progressier is very easy to use. The integration with my product was quick and simple."
Photo of Antonio Carlos Amaral Antonio Carlos Amaral CEO & Founder @ Mabuya Tech
"I'm a first-time, non-technical, no code SaaS developer, and Progressier has been a critical no code tool for me to extend my web app as a PWA."
Photo of Benjamin Hillman Benjamin Hillman Bubble Developer
"Progressier is perfect for startups that don't want to waste time on tracking, web push and service workers."
Photo of Kilian S. Kilian S. CTO in Austria
"If you want to turn your web application into a PWA but have no idea or desire to learn how to code for it, Progressier makes it as easy as possible."
Photo of Joel S. Joel S. Software Engineer in Belgium
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