What's the best PWA plugin for WordPress?

Learn how to upgrade your Wordpress sites with PWA installation, push notifications, and caching strategies.

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Why choose WordPress and Progressier for your PWA?

A substantial portion of the internet is powered by WordPress, positioning it as a compelling choice for web endeavors. However, while WordPress excels in creating websites, it's less attuned for crafting web apps. The distinction between the two is pronounced. While it's feasible to morph a website into a Progressive Web App, its utility for your business and end-users might be marginal.

Top-tier PWA Plugins for WordPress?

There exists a myriad of PWA plugins for WordPress. While many facilitate basic installation, a scant few provide universal installation. To my knowledge, none rival Progressier in offering both a push notification mechanism and a cache strategy tool. Of course, my views are subjective. To foster a holistic perspective, here's a roster of notable plugins:

Is PWA-fying my WordPress website worth it?

Certain website genres naturally align with the PWA model: e-commerce platforms, news outlets, and potentially some blogs. Conversely, portfolios and landing pages might not reap as much benefit. To assess the viability of transitioning your site to a PWA, contemplate whether users would gain from its immediate accessibility on their home screen. If the advantages appear trivial, perhaps it's best to abstain. Not every online entity mandates a PWA transformation.

To illustrate, I manage several domains besides Progressier. While coronavirus.app embodies a PWA owing to its recurrent user engagement, I've refrained from granting my personal website similar capabilities. The enhancement simply doesn't resonate with its purpose.

Duration to PWA-ify a WordPress Website?

With Progressier, the process is notably brisk, typically clocking in under 10 minutes. The journey involves embedding a succinct script to your site's header or footer. Subsequently, retrieve the service worker file presented in your Progressier dashboard and position it at your domain's root. Voilà! Your platform is now primed for installation across Android, iPhones, iPads, PCs, and Macs. To further simplify the user experience, we supply a dedicated installation portal. Here's a glimpse: install.page/covid

Under the hood

Progressier seamlessly produces a service worker, an app manifest, app icons, and tailored splash screens suitable for any iPhone and iPad display size. Upon integrating Progressier with your WordPress platform, you unlock our cache strategy constructor, enabling the definition of rules to optimize your site's offline functionality and accelerate its loading speed.

Which PWA features does WordPress support?

Android Installation

Get your PWA installed on any Android smartphone or tablet, just like a native app.

iOS Installation

Progressier walks users through the process of installing your app on their iPad or iPhone.

Windows Installation

Your WordPress PWA is installable from Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge and can be added to a Desktop or Taskbar.

macOS Installation

Progressier helps users add your WordPress PWA to their Docks for quick access.

Chrome OS Installation

Let users add your PWA to their Chrome OS laptop.

Installation Page

A unique page that helps users install your WordPress PWA on their devices with custom instructions for each compatible platform.

Original Domain Installation

Your WordPress PWA can be installed from your existing domain.

Web App Manifest

Progressier generates a web app manifest for you based on your preferences automatically.

Service Worker

A service worker is JS file that runs separately from the main browser thread. It can intercept network requests (allowing to put resources in the cache or retrieve them from there) and deliver push notifications to someone even when they're not actively using your app. With Progressier, you can define these rules without having to write any code at all.

Cache Static Resources

Progressier lets you build caching strategies without writing code so you can easily cache resources and make them accessible offline.

100% Offline-Ready

If you have full control over all the resources required for your website to work, you can make your site work 100% offline in Progressier without writing a single line of code.

Push Campaigns

Send push notifications to up to 1,000,000 users in one go within the Progressier dashboard or via the API.

Personalized Notifications

Send notifications to any particular user manually or programmatically. All your need is their email, their user ID or any other information that identifies them in your system.

Connect User Data

Link user data like emails, names, status to push subscriptions, so you can easily notify someone from your product directly or from our dashboard.

In-App PWA Promotion

Everything you need to encourage users to install your app on their devices.

Offline Alerts

Display an in-app alert when users go offline.

Request Notifications After Installation

Automatically prompt users to authorize notifications after they've installed your PWA on their device.

Install & Push Analytics

See in real-time and track over time how users install your PWA and allow push notifications.

Programmatic PWA Creation

Create new Progressive Web Apps dynamically with our API on different domains or subdirectories.

Google Play & App Store Upload

Easily upload your app to Google Play or the App Store with our PWABuilder integration.

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