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Push Notification Toolset for PWA

Encourage users to enable notifications. Craft, dispatch, and set timely alerts through our intuitive dashboard. Integrate your user data and deliver personalized notifications using our API.

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  • Illustration screenshot for Engagement UI Components

    Engagement UI Components

    Progressier offers a collection of user interface components crafted to invite users to enable notifications at the most opportune moments.

  • Illustration screenshot for Sync User Details

    Sync User Details

    Gain insights about your subscribers' geolocation and their devices. Associate emails, names, and profile information for refined targeting.

  • Illustration screenshot for Timed Push Alerts

    Timed Push Alerts

    Instantly reach out to up to all your subscribers using our dashboard. Alternatively, set notifications to go live anywhere from 15 minutes to 14 days ahead.

  • Illustration screenshot for Automated Push API

    Automated Push API

    Deploy push notifications on-the-fly with our Push API. For Bubble users, leverage our dedicated Bubble plugin to trigger a notification within any workflow.

  • Illustration screenshot for Broad Integration Suite

    Broad Integration Suite

    Seamlessly fold Progressier's push notification tools into web apps crafted with platforms like Vue.js, React, or jQuery (as well as other JavaScript frameworks), and even low-code platforms such as WordPress and Bubble.

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