Programmatic PWA Creation

Programmatic PWA Creation

Create multiple PWAs on the same domain, generate PWAs dynamically, and define details of the manifest at runtime.

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    Target Audience

    If your product allows users to create apps or specific content—like galleries, virtual tours, branded apps, e-commerce stores, or portfolios—then this is for you.

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    App Store Challenges

    Ideally, each creation would be a distinct app. However, uploading them individually to App Store or Google Play isn't feasible. Perhaps they share a domain or there are too many to handle individually.

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    The Virtual PWAs Solution

    Progressier equips you with tools to effortlessly transform each creation into a unique, installable PWA, leveraging the versatility of the web.

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    Efficient PWA Creation API

    With a simple call to our endpoint—providing a name, logo, and domain—you have a PWA. Progressier enables dynamic PWA creation from your backend in response to in-app events.

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    Dynamic Manifest Management

    Alternatively, tailor logos for specific pages or start URLs for different users. Implement your logic, and Progressier will adjust the manifest details and generate all necessary assets.

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