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This free tool comes with everything you need to create a web app manifest and icons for your Progressive Web App.

Frequent questions

How does this PWA manifest generator work?

Enter a name for your app, and upload your app icon. There are a number of additional parameters you can configure. When you're done, click on "Download manifest.json" to get a copy of the JSON file and resized icon to add to your app.

What is an app manifest?

An app manifest (also known as "manifest file" or "PWA manifest") is a structured configuration JSON file used by web apps to provide essential information about their attributes and characteristics, which helps browsers and platforms understand how apps should be handled and executed.

Why do I need an app manifest for my PWA?

The app manifest is the file that tells browsers that your domain is an app — not just a website. Browsers will fire the installation prompt if it detects an app manifest in your HTML.

Where should I put my web app manifest file?

Add <link rel="manifest" href="manifest.json"> between the <head> and </head> tags of your HTML template. Add it to every page of your app, even outside the scope of your PWA.

Are there any mandatory properties in an app manifest?

Yes, there are a few mandatory properties in an app manifest, such as name, short_name, and start_url. These properties are crucial for the basic functionality and appearance of your PWA.

Can I customize the appearance of my PWA using the App Manifest?

Sure! There are a number of properties that will change the appearance of your PWA: background_color, theme_color, display, and icons.

Do all browsers support PWAs and app manifests?

Except Firefox, all other modern browsers support the PWA manifest and most of its parameters.

Can I update my app manifest after my PWA is live?

Yes, you can update the app manifest as needed. Keep in mind that some changes may require users to clear their browser cache or reinstall the PWA manually (especially on iOS). This article explains how Chrome handles changes to the manifest.

How to generate a web app manifest dynamically?

With the full version of Progressier, you can generate a PWA manifest dynamically. For example, you can translate it in multiple languages, set different start_url based on the installation URL, and even programmatically create different PWAs.

Why are there manifest parameters that can't be edited?

There are a number of parameters available in the official specs of the manifest that are too complex for this simple manifest generator. However, Progressier has solutions for each of these after login. Sign up to use these parameters in your PWA.

Where can I find a list of all available manifest parameters?

This manifest generator lists pretty much all the officially-available parameters. There are a number of other minor manifest parameters supported by certain platforms only. For example, handle_links, edge_side_panel, widgets, scope_extensions are only supported by Microsoft Edge.

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