Caching Strategy Builder

No-Code Caching Strategy Builder

Create complex caching strategies without having to deal with hard-to-debug service worker code

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  • Illustration screenshot for Drag-and-Drop Caching Strategies

    Drag-and-Drop Caching Strategies

    Progressier provides you with a no-code alternative to Workbox. Pick one of the four main strategies (Stale While Revalidate, Cache First, Network First, Network Only) and simply choose what resources to apply it to.

  • Illustration screenshot for Granular RegEx-free Targeting

    Granular RegEx-free Targeting

    While Regular Expressions can certainly be powerful, they're also very opaque and difficult to understand and debug at a glance. Instead, Progressier uses simple AND/OR rules written in plain text.

  • Illustration screenshot for Live Resource List

    Live Resource List

    Scan your app and automatically retrieve an exhaustive list of resources needed by your app at runtime. See what strategy affects each resource in real-time. Drag strategies to reorder them.

  • Illustration screenshot for Precache Resources

    Precache Resources

    Precache resources to make them available offline before they're even needed. With Progressier, every resource can be precached in a click.

  • Illustration screenshot for Auto-retry Requests

    Auto-retry Requests

    An important part of making an app work offline is making sure that whatever action a user does when they lose connection, gets saved anyway. With Progressier, forget complicated integrations. Enable the function for each resource that you want to auto-retry — you're done.

  • Illustration screenshot for Set Fallback URLs

    Set Fallback URLs

    If a request to a resource fails, Progressier can automatically retrieve it from an alternative location. This enables you to keep your app up and running when your hosting provider is down or prevent images from breaking when offline.

  • Illustration screenshot for 12+ Integrations

    12+ Integrations

    Effortlessly build caching strategies and service workers with our framework-agnostic solution. Progressier is compatible with Vanilla JS, React, Vue.js, Bootstrap, jQuery.

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