Caching Strategy Builder

No-Code Caching Strategy Builder

Craft intricate caching strategies without grappling with challenging service worker code.

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  • Illustration screenshot for Intuitive Caching Methods

    Intuitive Caching Methods

    Progressier offers a code-free substitute to Workbox. Select from four primary strategies (Stale While Revalidate, Cache First, Network First, Network Only) and designate the resources to utilize them with.

  • Illustration screenshot for Clear Targeting without RegEx

    Clear Targeting without RegEx

    Though Regular Expressions have their merits, they can be challenging and elusive. Progressier opts for straightforward AND/OR criteria in legible text format.

  • Illustration screenshot for Dynamic Resource Overview

    Dynamic Resource Overview

    Analyze your app to promptly gather a comprehensive list of runtime-required resources. Monitor the strategy's impact on each resource dynamically. Effortlessly rearrange strategies by dragging.

  • Illustration screenshot for Resource Precaching

    Resource Precaching

    Store resources in advance for offline access even before their actual requirement. With Progressier, precaching any resource is a single click away.

  • Illustration screenshot for Automatic Request Reattempts

    Automatic Request Reattempts

    A pivotal aspect of offline app functionality is ensuring user actions during connection losses aren't wasted. With Progressier, bypass intricate setups. Activate the feature for any resource you wish to automatically retry.

  • Illustration screenshot for Backup URL Configurations

    Backup URL Configurations

    Should a resource request falter, Progressier can fetch it from a backup source. This ensures app reliability, even during host downtimes or to safeguard images in offline scenarios.

  • Illustration screenshot for Comprehensive Integrations

    Comprehensive Integrations

    Seamlessly architect caching methodologies and service workers using our universally adaptable tool. Progressier aligns with Vanilla JS, React, Vue.js, Bootstrap, and jQuery.

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