Programmatic PWA Creation

Programmatic PWA Creation

Create multiple PWAs on the same domain, get a Progressier-generated domain name for install purposes, or even create a PWA without an app at all.

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    Who's That For?

    Say your product enables your customers to create their own apps or content.

    Think a gallery, a virtual tour, a feed, a branded app, an e-commerce store, or a portfolio site.

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    The App Store Problem

    It would be pretty cool if each of them could be an individual app.

    But there's no way you can upload them on the App Store and Google Play one by one.

    Maybe they're all on the same domain so they don't qualify as "apps".

    Or maybe there's even 100,000s of them.

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    Solution: Virtual PWAs

    Progressier provides you with a set of tools that allow you to turn each of these entities into a unique installable PWA with minimal effort — with the freedom and flexibility of the web.

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    PWA Creation API

    Call our endpoint with a name, logo, domain, and boom! You got a PWA. Progressier lets you create custom PWAs from your backend to react to events in your app.

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    Runtime Manifest Generation

    Need different logos for different pages? Or a different Start URL for different users? Add your own custom logic. Progressier automatically changes the details of the manifest, and takes care of generating all assets for you.

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    Embed PWAs

    Create a PWA without an app at all. You can use Progressier with any content that can be embedded in an iframe — use a Twitter Feed, a Google Sheet, an Airtable View, a Google Doc, or any other embeddable URL.

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