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Speech Recognition & Transcription

Speech-to-Text API PWA Demo

Natively integrate the SpeechRecognition API into your PWA to recognize and transcribe spoken language into text, allowing for voice-based input and interactions.

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Tap the button below, start speaking, and see the text being transcribed below. The recognition stops automatically when you stop speaking. This demo's code is available down below.


How it works

Most developers don't know this, but the browser comes with a free API for transcribing speech into written text. Note that the audio is partially processed by a server-side speech recognition engine, so unlike many other browser APIs, it isn't entirely client-side. If you're interested in the exact opposite, the browser also comes with a SpeechSynthesis API.

Browser support

The SpeechRecognition API is compatible with most modern platforms and browsers, except Firefox.


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