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Text-To-Speech Synthesis

Text-To-Speech Synthesis in PWAs

The SpeechSynthesis API can be integrated into a PWA to convert text into spoken language and generate natural-sounding speech output.

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Enter text, choose a language, adjust the pitch and rate, and hit the button below to synthesise speech in real-time. This demo's code is available down below.


Browser Support

The SpeechSynthesis API is available in all modern browsers and platforms, so you can reliably use it in your web apps, websites and PWAs. Note that the list of available voices varies across platforms, so you should not presume a given voice will be available in all browsers. Instead provide a list of alternative voices as fallback.

Use Cases

The SpeechSynthesis API is an easy (and free) way to add text-to-speech functionality to your app. Here are a few examples of functionality you can implement in your PWA in just a few lines of code:

  1. Accessibility: It can help visually impaired users with screen reader capabilities navigate your PWA.
  2. Language Learning: For example, a language learning PWA can use this API to provide pronunciation practice and language comprehension exercises.
  3. Voice Navigation: A GPS/navigation PWA can utilize this API to offer voice-guided directions while driving or walking.
  4. Read-Aloud Functionality:With this API, e-book readers and educational PWAs read text aloud.
  5. Automated Customer Service: The SpeechSynthesis API can be used in conjunction with OpenAI's GPT API in a PWA to create natural-sounding automated customer service representatives for telephone and online interactions.
  6. AI PWA: Create a custom AI agent by synthesizing speech in your PWA
  7. Environment Filling: A gaming and/or virtual reality PWA can use this API to give characters and virtual environments realistic and immersive voices.
  8. Audio Content Generation: Podcasts, audiobooks, and other audio content can be produced using the API to narrate written material.


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