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Increase user engagement by integrating PWA installation and push notifications into your Ghost blog or publication. No code to write.

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Getting started with Ghost & Progressier

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    1Create your account

    Click on the Get started button located at the top of this page. Choose Ghost from the dropdown list. If you already have an account, just log in. Else, you'll need to create an account.

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    2Insert the script & manifest

    In your Ghost dashboard, navigate to Settings > Advanced > Code Injection and paste the Progressier script and manifest. The code to paste can be found in the Get started section of the Progressier dashboard after login.

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    3Integrate the service worker

    The next step requires uploading a service worker file to the root of your Ghost site. To do so, navigate to Settings > Site > Design & branding > Customize > Change theme. Download your theme, unzip it, add the service worker file to the root folder. Zip it back up, and upload it again in the Ghost dashboard. Step-by-step instructions with screenshots are available in the Progressier dashboard.

  4. Illustration screenshot for Set up your installation prompts

    4Set up your installation prompts

    With Progressier, your Ghost website is now an installable PWA. Progressier comes with a variety of prompts and widgets to make it known to your users that your app can be installed on their devices.

  5. Illustration screenshot for Configure push notifications

    5Configure push notifications

    Thanks to the service worker file you uploaded to the root of your Ghost theme, you can now send push notifications to users of your brand new Ghost PWA!

Which PWA features does Ghost support?

Android Installation

Get your PWA installed on any Android smartphone or tablet, just like a native app.

iOS Installation

Progressier walks users through the process of installing your app on their iPad or iPhone.

Windows Installation

Your Ghost PWA is installable from Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge and can be added to a Desktop or Taskbar.

macOS Installation

Get your app installed on macOS from Chrome — Progressier walks users through installing your PWA to their Docks.

Chrome OS Installation

Let users add your PWA to their Chrome OS laptop.

Installation Page

A unique page that helps users install your Ghost PWA on their devices with custom instructions for each compatible platform.

Original Domain Installation

Your app is directly installable right from your own domain.

Web App Manifest

Progressier builds a PWA manifest with your preferences set in the dashboard, with toggles and inputs instead of lines of code

Service Worker

A service worker is JS file that runs separately from the main browser thread. It can intercept network requests (allowing to put resources in the cache or retrieve them from there) and deliver push notifications to someone even when they're not actively using your app. With Progressier, you can define these rules without having to write any code at all.

Cache Static Resources

Progressier has a built-in caching strategy builder that lets you configure how each type of resources should be cached and refreshed. No code to write.

100% Offline-Ready

If you have full control over all the resources required for your website to work, you can make your site work 100% offline in Progressier without writing a single line of code.

Push Campaigns

Notify all your users of news in your app with our dashboard and/or API. Progressier manages all user push subscriptions for you.

Personalized Notifications

Send notifications to any particular user manually or programmatically. All your need is their email, their user ID or any other information that identifies them in your system.

Connect User Data

Connect your own user data (emails, account type, etc). So when a user authorizes push notifications in your Ghost PWA, their data is also saved along with it.

In-App PWA Promotion

Everything you need to encourage users to install your app on their devices.

Offline Alerts

Display an in-app alert when users go offline.

Request Notifications After Installation

Automatically prompt users to authorize notifications after they've installed your PWA on their device.

Install & Push Analytics

Progressier tracks installs of your Ghost PWA over time. Also tracks push subscriptions.

Programmatic PWA Creation

Create Ghost PWAs programmatically with our API.

Google Play & App Store Upload

With our PWABuilder integration, you can list your Ghost PWA on Google Play or the App Store.

Why choose Ghost and Progressier for your PWA?

Ghost is a robust application designed for professional publishers, enabling them to produce, distribute, and monetize their content effectively. It provides contemporary tools for website construction, content publishing, newsletter distribution, and managing paid subscriptions for members.

With Progressier, your Ghost publication transforms beyond a mere website into a comprehensive PWA that can be installed on any device. Progressier streamlines the development of your Ghost PWA, handling all the crucial technical elements needed for seamless installation and cross-browser push notification functionality.

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