How to make your Weebly site a PWA

Turn your Weebly PWA into a fully-featured PWA with web push notifications in just a few minutes.

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Why choose Weebly and Progressier for your PWA?

Weebly is a popular option for creating blogs and online stores. It is nowhere near as powerful as full-fledged no-code builders like Bubble or complete e-commerce platforms like Shopify, but it is generally cheaper at scale and easier to use.

Can you create a PWA with Weebly?

It wouldn't be my number one choice of platform, but it is indeed possible to make your Weebly app installable on all platforms by leveraging the power of Progressive Web Apps.

Progressier can automatically generate an installation page for your Weebly app, which allows your customers to install it on any iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet — and even on desktop via Windows, Chrome OS or macOS. There is no need to modify to Weebly site at all. Simply sign up, follow the instructions and in a few minutes, you'll be good to go!

Under the hood

Weebly is not as flexible as other no-code app builders. Instead of augmenting your app with the installation and push functionality, we'll create a wrapper around your app on a custom domain generated for your app specifically. See a complete list of features supported with Weebly below.

Which PWA features does Weebly support?

Android Installation

Get your PWA installed on any Android smartphone or tablet, just like a native app.

iOS Installation

Progressier walks users through the process of installing your app on their iPad or iPhone.

Windows Installation

Your Weebly PWA is installable from Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge and can be added to a Desktop or Taskbar.

macOS Installation

Get your app installed on macOS from Chrome — Progressier walks users through installing your PWA to their Docks.

Chrome OS Installation

Let users add your PWA to their Chrome OS laptop.

Installation Page

An app-store like installation experience for your PWA — without the hassle of managing Google Play/App Store listings.

Original Domain Installation

Due to the limitations of the platform, it's not possible to install your app as PWA from your own domain. Progressier provides an alternative custom domain for installation purposes that looks like

Web App Manifest

Progressier creates an app manifest with the name, logo, theme color and display preferences of your PWA.

Service Worker

A service worker is a file that continues running in the browser even after the web page that has registered it has closed. For a domain to be a PWA, it must have a service worker hosted at the root. Unfortunately, Weebly does not support adding a service worker to your domain.

Cache Static Resources

This platform doesn't provide an option to modify the service worker file, so it's not possible to cache static resources.

100% Offline-Ready

Without full server-side control over the resources, it's not usually possible to make a site work offline entirely with a no-code app builder like Weebly.

Push Campaigns

Notify all your users of news in your app with our dashboard and/or API. Progressier manages all user push subscriptions for you.

Personalized Notifications

Other app builders allow you to send notifications to a particular user. It's not currently possible with this platform.

Connect User Data

With Weebly, it's not currently possible to sync your user data (e.g. emails, names or account types). Bubble is the best no-code option for that.

In-App PWA Promotion

Everything you need to encourage users to install your app on their devices.

Offline Alerts

In-app alerts displayed when users lose network connectivity. Not available with Weebly.

Request Notifications After Installation

Automatically prompt users to authorize notifications after they've installed your PWA on their device.

Install & Push Analytics

Progressier tracks installs of your Weebly PWA over time. Also tracks push subscriptions.

Programmatic PWA Creation

Create Weebly PWAs programmatically with our API.

Google Play & App Store Upload

Since Weebly doesn't allow their users to install PWAs from their own domain, it's not possible to make it available through Google Play or the App Store as a PWA.

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