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Vibration API

Implementing the Vibration API in your PWA

The Vibration API allows your PWA to access a device's vibration capabilities, enabling you to create haptic feedback and vibration effects within your app.

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Install the app on a smartphone. Choose a pattern and tap the below button to make the device vibrate.

Use cases

  • User Feedback: Providing haptic feedback to users when interacting with buttons, forms, or other elements in your PWA, enhancing the user experience.
  • Gaming: Adding tactile sensations to web-based games, enhancing immersion and responsiveness during gameplay.
  • Touch Guidance: Assisting users with impairments by using vibrations to guide them through certain interactions, like form validation or navigation.
  • Interactive Experiences: Creating interactive and dynamic web experiences, such as simulating the sensation of scrolling through a virtual list or slider.
  • Orientation and Navigation: Incorporating vibrations into web-based maps or navigation systems to provide tactile cues when changing directions or reaching waypoints.
  • Feedback for Actions: Providing vibrations in response to specific user actions, such as successful submission of a form or completion of a task.
  • Custom Effects: Designing unique vibration patterns for branding purposes or creative effects, offering a distinctive touch to a PWA.
  • Accessibility: Improving accessibility by using vibrations to convey information to users with visual impairments or to enhance the overall usability of a PWA.
  • Audio Visualization: Syncing vibrations with audio or music playback to create a multisensory experience that complements the auditory elements.

Browser support

The Vibration API is supported by most modern web browsers, except Safari.


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