With the Web NFC API, your PWA can write and read from nearby NFC-enabled devices.

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How it works

Alongside Bluetooth, the NFC (short for Near Field Communication) technology enables your PWA to communicate with nearby devices. However, NFC is designed for very short-range communication (a few centimers) whereas certain Bluetooth devices can have a range of up to 100 meters (roughly 300 feet) in optimal conditions.

NFC is often used for contactless payments, data transfer between devices held close together, and reading NFC tags on products. And the web comes with an API for your PWA to access that technology!


Install the app on Android, open it from your homescreen, tap the button below to start scanning and place a NFC tag next to your phone.

Browser support

The Web NFC API is currently supported by Chrome, Opera and Samsung Internet on Android. iOS does not support the Web NFC API at all.


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