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Add image editing features to your PWA

PWAs are powered by the open web. As such, they can use all standard HTML elements, including the mighty <canvas> element, renowned for unlocking a multitude of creative avenues for image editing and manipulation.

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App screenshots are super important. Users want to see what an app does and what it looks like before installing it. So one of the features I really wanted to build into Progressier was the ability for users to design, manage, localize screenshots for their PWAs — directly inside the dashboard.

I first developed it as a feature for paying customers, but then made a free no-signup-required version of it, which you can use to design screenshots for PWAs (or any other types of apps, really). It's entirely built in vanilla JavaScript and uses <canvas> for all image editing and rendering features.

Progressier functions as a PWA itself, and it works great on both desktop and mobile! Install the app, open it from your homescreen, and tap the button below to start designing.

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Use Cases

Photopea and Corel Vector are some of my favorite PWAs. Each time I utilize them, I'm consistently astounded by the capability of accomplishing such intricate image editing directly on the web.

But you can also integrate simpler image manipulation techniques into your existing PWA: image resizing, cropping, rotating, flipping, color correction, sharpening, HDR, color grading, blurring, background removal, noise reduction — these techniques are fairly easy to implement with a bit of JavaScript and the Canvas API.

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